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Workflow gives you full control of the tasks in your workshop, customer bookings and administers your invoicing with just a few clicks.
The identification number of the part clearly appears from the job card, in the transport module and the invoicing module.
You can always easily identify the part wherever you are in the workshop.
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The printed label contains all important information about the part and can easily be placed on the mixing cup, when you have finished mixing the paint.
Each individual label can be placed on the separate components of the part, enabling you to have a precise overview of the related parts.
Workflow informs you if you receive a part, which you have previously painted. So you can add the latest colour formula used with a click.
On the job card the colour of the drop icon indicates whether colour formulas of the part are already available and whether the paint is ready-mixed.
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In the history of each individual work card you can quickly form an overview of all activities and processes connected with the part.
The history creates a solid documentation basis as all activities are registered and stored in the history.
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You can easily and simply add new order lines to the part and establish new reference numbers, if you want to divide up the invoice.
Everyone in the workshop will be able to add order lines in case of additional sales, but the total sum and discounts will only be shown on an administrative level.
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You can add pictures of the part from your tablet and at the same time choose to share the documentation with your customer.
The function makes it easy to share material with your customer if you have comments to the paint report or questions to the customer.
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What the users say

Mads Dencker
Workflow saves me for almost all paper work, and it is much easier to keep an overview of all my tasks.
Mads Dencker - Denckers Autolakering, Denmark
Susanne Silkeborg Autolakering
All our employees are able to follow all incoming and current tasks, and the painter knows which items are ready for painting.
Susanne Rohde - Silkeborg Autolakering, Denmark
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Save time and create a complete overview

A time and resource saving solution which gives you control over your workflow in the workshop and a thorough overview of your business.

Workflow reduces administrative tasks and assures the quality of the workshop through documentation management.


Full flexibility and several integrations

The agile and innovative business system is modular and can be embedded in both accounting software and damage assessment to increase convenience and customer service towards the final customer. Workflow is simple and easy to adapt to your workshop, and through the modules you will see how Workflow contributes to the utilization of your resources and ensures maximum earnings.

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Operation & Security

A secure and stable cloud platform will ensure that you will always be online

With Workflow you will always be secure and updated - Workflow runs online, and you will therefore always be able to access the latest version. Workflow needs no installation, and you will be able to access the platform from all devices. Your bookings, documentation, and history will be safely stored through a constant backup.


Modern browser based solution.

You have direct access to Workflow from you browser. You do not have to worry about installation of additional software. Workflow can be accessed from all devices in your business, from PC to smartphone and tablet

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