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eflow utvikler og leverer digitale løsninger som optimaliserer arbeidsprosesser på verksteder og skadesentre - noe som skaper en helt ny måte å samarbeide med dine kunder og ansatte på.

eflow has been developed on the basis of knowledge of existing national and international BMS-systems (Bodyshop Management Systems).

We create efficiency for your business by offering intuitive, visionary, and agile digital solutions, which optimize your workflow and alleviate the heavy administrative tasks.

eflow will continuously develop applications, which will create optimum value for your business.


This application gives you the full overview of your business, ranging from incoming bookings to cars to be picked up, and current tasks – all with a view to creating a stronger business for you.

Among other things, you will get

  • Online booking for your customers
  • Easy invoicing
  • Full overview of your workflow
  • Integration with insurance and colour formula programmes
  • Easy time tracking for your employees
  • Insight into your business and key figures


This application gives you the aggregated overview of your stock and stock value. Avoid the long to-do-lists and calls to order products – the system will manage everything for you.

  • For example, you will get
  • Easy and simple registration of usage
  • Automatic reordering of products
  • Full overview of your stock
  • A minimized risk of mistakes when ordering, as well as of storage waste
  • Insight into your business via dashboard

eflow gives you modern technology with complete integration possibilities.

The system is 100% online and built on Amazon Web Services. All updates are being thoroughly tested prior to implementation, and for users there is no need to install software locally.

Enkel å bruke - alle ansatte har tilgang til eflow® uansett hvor de er på verkstedet

Easy and simple onboarding

  • The easy and intuitive user interface ensures fast onboarding
  • Creation and set-up of accounts within minutes
  • Access eflow directly after setting up your account
  • Owner/administrator can get employees and customers on board without previous training
  • The usability secures a minimum of support
Susanne Silkeborg Autolakering
Previously we used handwritten lists to keep track of all our tasks, but Workflow has made it possible to keep an overview of all tasks no matter where you are.
Susanne Rohde - Silkeborg Autolakering, Denmark
Mads Dencker
Workflow saves me for almost all paper work, and it is much easier to keep an overview of all my tasks.
Mads Dencker - Denckers Autolakering, Denmark
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