Automation of your stock
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Inventory gives you the full overview of your actual stock. Inventory automatically reorders your products as you use them.
By means of the dashboard you can monitor your product consumption. This enables you to change any working process that causes a consumption which is too high.
In the dashboard you can continuously follow the development of your stock value month by month.
Inventory dashboard 2
You can easily adapt the settings for the requested product inventory in your stock to constantly match your production, and keep your stock costs to a minimum.
Should the production in your business increase or decrease, you may easily change the requested stock or the frequency of automatic reordering. In this way you are always guaranteed an optimum stock compared to your productivity. At the same time you are also guaranteed an optimum utilization of storage.
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The Inventory history informs you about all activities in your stock, from entry to outgoing products, and when the various actions have taken place.
The reception of goods module makes sure that you store the correct number of products when receiving deliveries from your supplier. You get a warning if the goods received are not in accordance with your order.
Inventory historik 2
The automatic reorder function makes it possible to check your future order and correct it – or add products to the order – before sending it to your supplier.
If you have urgent orders, you can always place a manual order.
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With a quick look at the screen you have an overview of your stock, both contents and quantity. You do not need to go from shelf to shell to see what and how much is in stock.
Inventory overview
You can follow your order and see where it is when it has been dispatched from your supplier. You can see if your order is being handled, or whether it is on its way with a carrier.
Inventory incoming

What the users say

Mads Dencker
Extraction of stock value was a great help at the latest drawing up of our balance sheet. The exported inventory record was easily passed on to a very pleased accountant.
Mads Dencker - Denckers Autolakering, Denmark
Susanne Silkeborg Autolakering
We are very excited about Inventory. Before we had Inventory we walked around the warehouse, manually noting which products we were running out of. Now the products are reordered automatically.
Susanne Rohde - Silkeborg Autolakering, Denmark
Easy on boarding of users

User friendly and efficient

The simple and intuitive user interface ensures quick on boarding. Creating and setting up accounts within a few minutes. As owner or administrator you can get the staff on board without training. With the user friendly system you will need only minimum support.


Secure and stable Cloud platform

eflow’s Inventory is an online Cloud solution which guarantees you a reliable platform, where you are always kept up and secured against breakdowns. All traffic to the system is sent encrypted, and furthermore, continuous backup is performed of your data, which are stored securely with market leading hosting providers.

Always online

Modern browser based solution

You get direct access to Inventory through your browser. You do not have to worry about installation of additional software. You access Inventory from all units in your company, from PC to smartphone and tablet.

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